More accuracy and greater peace of mind.

CARDWATCH is designed to reduce manual administration and daily tasks while offering more features to your residents.

CARDWATCH removes the guesswork and decision making from your front-of-house staff. A fully-automated CARDWATCH system can identify:

  • which plan or account to use based on who is making the purchase
  • what plans they have
  • where the purchase is happening and when
  • determine and apply billing codes as required

CARDWATCH can manage transactions throughout your campus for a variety of uses beyond dining. Residents enjoy the convenience of charging purchases with the swipe or scan of their card or key fob at the gift shop, convenience store, front desk, salon, and spa, etc. — with real time account balances after every transaction. All of the charge transactions accumulated by all residents at all locations can be immediately exported right into your billing software, complete with billing code and ready for posting.

Our CARDWATCH Mobile application allows residents/clients to enjoy account management, transaction review, and self serve food ordering on a schedule basis.


Privilege Management

Privilege Management is the core module of the CARDWATCH application suite. It manages all your resident/client and employee accounts, as well as more than 1,000 possible meal and spending plans at your community or facility including.

  • meal credits
  • meal counts
  • pre-paid/declining dollar plans
  • flex or dining dollar plans
  • extra charges, subsidies, and more


Today’s environment demands that businesses maximize marketing efforts, control costs, increase security, and simplify processes for ease of use. Residents expect choice and flexibility. But providing this choice can mean increased complexity. A “smart system” like CARDWATCH can eliminate any extra administrative burden.

  1. Encourages customer loyalty and eliminates the need to carry anything but an ID badge or key fob to make purchases.
  2. Increases throughput at each Point-of-Sale (POS) station with each “cashless” transaction.
  3. Eliminates problems and costs of handling cash or accepting credit cards as sales are paid for in advance.
  4. Increases profit margins – according to recent National Restaurant Association statistics, clients will spend up to 50% more in “cashless” spending environments.
  5. Build any plan configuration imaginable so you can offer the ultimate in choice and flexibility to your residents.
  6. Full integration with your current Resident billing application (eg. AOD, SOS, Point Click Care, MDI/Achieve, Compudata, American Health Tech, Residex, RH+ and more) or your employee payroll system for deduction purposes.
  7. Real Time account information. Both you and your residents have up-to-the-second account information including balances and transaction details from either the POS terminal, inquiry kiosk, back office or resident mobile device. All transaction receipts display the balance for each account used in the transaction.
  8. Full library of reports as well as optional integration with professional report writing tools such as Crystal Reports for unlimited self-created data mining.
  9. Virtually Unlimited number of accounts (resident, staff, etc) means you’ll never have to worry about maxing out your system.
  10. Full automation of your plans so there is nothing you need to do at the end of each period. Meal/Spending plans renew automatically based on parameters you set. Clear unused balances, carry them over, or set a max carry over. Once a plan is set, you can forget about it!
  11. Automatically adjust privileges based on location. Eg) Dinner in the Dining Room might be a fixed charge amount but a-la-carte priced in the cafe.
  12. Automatically manage complex sales tax scenarios including exemption for meals on plan but charging tax for extra meals and non-qualifying food items, guest meals, etc.

Point of Sale

CARDWATCH POS is a Windows-based software application designed to manage the sales, menu cycle management, and reporting requirements within a variety of dining environments. It provides multicompany, multi-location, and terminal management with an interactive touch screen to ensure easy, fast, yet comprehensive sales control through a variety of cost-effective hardware options.

Food Service Management Module

CARDWATCH has provided integrated Point of Sale solutions to the food service industry for many years. We know that a successful POS product includes speed, simplicity, accuracy, and structured flexibility.

Feature Highlights

  1. Menu Cycle Management (up to 10 weeks) ensures today’s specials are updated automatically on the POS screen.
  2. Multiple company, location and terminal management from the comfort of your office chair.
  3. Track client files in house for Meal Plans, Charge/Debit special orders, departmental charges and more via CARDWATCH™
  4. Touch Screen allows for faster training and reduced orientation costs. Screen menus can be set to update automatically with menu cycle saving programming time.
  5. Intuitive screen layout allow for optimized menu flow and faster order entry resulting in dramatically higher throughput.
  6. Intuitive screen layout allow for optimized menu flow and faster order entry resulting in dramatically higher throughput.
  7. Integrated credit and debit authorization through financial institutions and processors across North America.
  8. Store #, Transaction #, Date, Time printed on receipt as text, barcode or both.
  9. Up to four reporting levels including Department, Class, Group, and Item.
  10. Unlimited items, SKU’s, styles and color fields for ultimate in flexibility and scalability.
  11. Six price levels per item and five tax levels to accommodate various federal and provincial / state tax policies.
  12. Scale items with auto tare at each price level, further enhancing customer throughput.
  13. Order routing to designated kitchen prep areas as defined in the item menu files.
  14. Change payment method and other keyboard attributes with a simple screen tap or mouse click.
  15. Order parking and quick recall feature allows the line to keep moving and increases throughout.
  16. Optional on-screen photo ID for cashier visual verification at point of sale.
  17. Training Mode to ensure new employees receive accurate, effective training with complete transaction set available.
  18. Point and click support for most POS peripherals.
  19. Online Help, sample reports, training videos and complete documentation are just a mouse click away.

General Retail Modules

  • Track customer mailing lists and purchase history.
  • Enter customer numbers at the end of the sale.
  • Track loyalty accounts.
  • Select inventory management at the store, head office, or both.
  • Control receipts of goods, transfers (in and out), all by electronic packing list.
  • Regardless of your environment – food items, packaged or staple goods, soft goods, logical SKU’s or random SKU’s, CARDWATCH™ POS is at work for you.
  • CARDWATCH POS is seamlessly integrated to our CARDWATCH Privilege Management application should your organization require Debit, Charge, Meal Plan, or general spending plan management.

Wireless Options

CARDWATCH POS supports different wireless devices to suit your needs including BlueTooth, barcode scanners, and ScanPal wireless batch devices. Each POS terminal may also be operated on a wireless network allowing you to use any windows enabled tablet PC.

Technical Development and Deployment

Each of our applications is authored with the Progress™ tools and Enterprise Class relational database. This allows you to select the O/S and hardware that’s right for you.


For businesses that don’t need the detail of a full featured POS system, CARDWATCH Swipe-N-Go allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the Privilege Management system including Resident, Guest, and Child Guest meal tracking.

Swipe-N-Go can meet your needs when you just need to know who came to a meal and whether it should be taken as a meal on a plan or extra charge, but you don’t require all the detail of a full POS system.

You’ll still enjoy all the benefits of the Privilege Management system including Resident, Guest and Child Guest meal tracking, extra charge capture, automated plan renewals and batch export of charges to your primary billing application. Choose from attended Hostess or unattended mode for express self-service dining environments. When you are ready to scale your operation and move to a full POS environment, CARDWATCH can scale right along with you.

Starting at just $250/mo (software & support), you can automate meal tracking and charge capture for dozens of plans, saving countless hours of manual reconciliation and data entry.


The CARDWATCH Catering module simplifies the tracking, invoicing, and managing of special events and internal meetings.

  • Set up catering events including menu items, location, staffing, and other required resources.
  • Link the function to a resident account, department account, or even an external account for billing.
  • Accept deposits and issue invoices directly, or pass over to your regular monthly billing statements during charge export.
  • Get full reporting on upcoming or past catering events to help with planning and operation management.

Gift Card Management

CARDWATCH Gift Card module can simplify guest payments while increasing dining and retails revenues by as much as ten to fifteen percent.

Guests and residents can purchase convenient, durable, light-weight, barcoded or magnetic-striped plastic gift cards that fit easily in their wallet or on their keychain. Eliminate the costs of cash handling within your community. CARDWATCH gift cards can be issued in any denomination, reloaded as often as required and best of all, you will be able to track every item purchased with that card through the CARDWATCH Privilege Management application.

Increase sales revenues by promoting card use. Separate resident and guest transactions for reporting purposes. Residents and their guests alike will purchase them so that charges are not deducted from the resident’s account. Family members will purchase them for residents to use for discretionary spending like the salon or extra meals that they otherwise might not spend on themselves. Outside contractors or part-time staff can purchase them for meals or retail purchases.

Resident Inquiry

When residents have questions regarding balances or charges, the Resident Self-Serve Kiosk handles those inquiries lessening another administrative task. Residents can simply swipe or scan their ID card at the touchscreen, view account balances for each of their accounts (meal plans, charge plans, pre-paid plans or gift cards), and even drill down into the detail of individual transactions.

Your residents will always know the status of their accounts.

Resident Mobile

Today’s card users are accustomed to easy access to their account information. The CARDWATCH mobile module gives your residents the power to securely log in to their account, view their various plan balances (meal or spending), and even view transaction details.

Residents can even order food on a scheduled basis for pick-up or delivery!

Mobile POS

CARDWATCH is now available on lightweight Wireless Tablets with 7” or 10” touch screen formats. Your wait staff can enter orders right at the tableside and instantly send them back to Kitchen Prep Area printers for maximum service and efficiency. Wait staff can spend more time at each table without jeopardizing the order time. You’ll experience significant labor savings with order processing at nearly twice the rate. The hand strap and shoulder strap allow the staff to serve their customers unencumbered.

Drop the tablet into the full retail docking station with articulating stand for a shareable POS terminal with wired ethernet connection and support for USB connected printers, scanners, card readers and more.

Arrange for a demo today. Contact us or complete an online request form. Our representatives would love to show how CARDWATCH can work for you.

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Our Clients

After twenty-five years in the industry, we’ve heard some familar refrains from our clients. We form a partnership with our clients with a commitment to expertise and dependability. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about Cardwatch

Excellent job! I do not receive this kind of support from any other vendor.

Tony Singleton

Network Administrator, Pennswood Village, PA

A system is as good as the people behind it.  My experience with the CARDWATCH team enables me to describe them as people with integrity, professionalism, determination, creativity, resilience and an understanding of the importance of quality customer service.

David Loop

Past President, Friendship Village of Schaumburg, IL

Rick from your Support Team is truly the reason that we have been able to master our confidence with CARDWATCH. He returns calls promptly, understands our questions, provides us with the most effective solution to satisfy our challenges, and possesses exemplary people skills.

Michelle Doleniak

General Manager of Dining Services, Phoebe Berks Community, PA